I have dual booted my laptop with kali Linux. After working on it somehow I managed to get work my Wi-Fi. But I'm unable to start monitor mode and injection. When I execute

airmon-ng start eth1 it Shows in driver wl

[phy0] mon0 : ERROR while getting interface flags. No such device.  
(monitor mode enabled on mon0)

My chipset is bcm43142. After searching for this problem I found that wl driver doesn't support monitor mode and injection mode. If its true, can I change the drivers for my chipset?


Getting a Broadcom chipset to work with linux is a royal pain, especially if you have to go the "bw43-fwcutter" route to get otherwise unobtainable firmware blob.

I was never able to get an older Broadcom PCMCIA card to do injection under Arch linux. The Arch linux wiki has a Broadcom Wireless page that has a section for the wl driver. That page suggests unloading all other possible Broadcom drivers before loading the wl module:

# rmmod b43
# rmmod ssb
# modprobe -v wl

You should have another xterm open doing a tail on appropriate log. I've not run Kali linux, but something like journalctl -f works on "systemd" based distros, and tail -f /var/log/messages might work. If the Broadcom chipset is on a USB or PCMCIA device, start tailing the log before you plug it in, and keep tailing until after you do the rmmod and modprobe commands.

Here's a link to Installing Broadcom BCM43142 Drivers on Kali Linux - it looks a bit sketchy to me, however.

Another possible problem is that you're running airmon-ng against an interface named "eth0", which is usually an ethernet (with a cable) interface. Verify that you're using the correct interface name: do ifconfig -a to see if some other interface names present themselves.

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