I always make my perl module following the CPAN-complient tree. I would like to use this tree to create a rpm file I could install on a hundreth servers.

Is it possible to make a rpm package with ExtUtils::MakeMaker?

Where could a 'helloworld' procedure be found?

I browsed the internet and found the program (http://search.cpan.org/~sbeck/cpantorpm-1.00/cpantorpm)

 cpantorpm [option] MODULE

I cannot understand what kind of module is MODULE : is it a cpan module on a cpan repository, a cpan module in a file system, a installed cpan module (then I have to do make && make test && make install at least ones on a distant server) or a installed perl module?

Thank for your indications.

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As seen in the cpantorpm docs:

The perl module may be obtained in a number of different ways. The perl module may exist on local disk either as an archive file or a directory, or it can be retrieved from a URL or from CPAN.

For example, any of the following ways could be used:

cpantorpm Foo::Bar
cpantorpm http://some.host.com/some/path/Foo-Bar-1.00.tar.gz
cpantorpm /tmp/Foo-Bar-1.00.tar.gz
cpantorpm /tmp/Foo-Bar-1.00

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