I am learning Linux and I was trying the gzip command. I tried it on a folder which has a hierarchy like


I ran "gzip -r Personal" and now its like


How do I go back?


You can use

gunzip -r Personal

which works the same as

gzip -d -r Personal

If gzip on your system does not have the -r option (e.g. busybox's gzip) , you can use

find Personal -name "*.gz" -type f -print0 | xargs -0 gunzip
  • I changed my working directory to "Personal" and ran "gunzip -r Personal" and got this result "gzip: Personal.gz: No such file or directory" I do have the -r option because I used it to compress my files – Kazim Jan 21 '15 at 10:45
  • As you used gzip -r Personal to compress it, you can run gunzip -r Personal from the same place to decompress it. If you are inside the Personal directory, you need to run gunzip -r . instead (. is the current working directory). – jofel Jan 21 '15 at 10:50

Here is the answer:

Change directories until you're just one step up from the target directory and run this command

gunzip -r Personal
gunzip -r .     <--- if you're in the same directory

. is the current working directory

Thanks @jofel

  • This should be an edit on jofel's answer not a separate answer which adds almost nothing to the existing one... – don_crissti Oct 23 '18 at 15:47

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