I have just started working with VLANs. My memory was VLAN interface names are the interface name plus dot plus the VLAN ID. And that is what vconfig offers.

After some (successful) manual tests I wanted to make the configuration with the OS tools (openSUSE in this case). yast creates interface names like vlan5 with no option to change that (I guess that's vconfig's option VLAN_PLUS_VID). But that is not a problem. I just renamed the configuration file ifcfg-vlan5 to ifcfg-extnets.5.

extnets_5 instead of extnets.5 in iptables rules

I was surprised when I noticed that the openSUSE firewall script creates rules with the interface name extnets_5 instead of extnets.5. This seems not to be an iptables limitation. Unfortunately I am at home now and cannot generate test traffic to check which rules match (maybe both do).

If both works: Are there serious arguments (as in: not primarily opinion-based) for or against one of the naming schemes? I prefer extnets.5 over vlan5 but extnets_5 would be OK for me, too. But if extnets_5 must / should be used with iptables then it might be a good idea to use extnets_5 as an interface name, too?

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