I'm attempting to help out a roommate who has installed Kubuntu on his Chromebook using Crouton (it's basically just a fancy chroot run within ChromeOS).

I helped him get the Docker daemon running, using some advice from this issue on the Docker github: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/1863. That involved using the flag --storage-driver=vfs. AUFS tools are installed according to apt, but I guess there's some additional support that ChromeOS is lacking.

Anyways, the first pull he did failed because it filled the remainder of his SSD (about 8gb). I pulled the same image onto a blank Docker install on my laptop, and the entire /var/lib/docker directory consumed 1.2gb.

Is the fact that we're using vfs causing this? There's a literal order of magnitude difference in storage space used. I'm not overly familiar with Docker, but the other thought I had was that it uses system libraries when available but will pull anything not installed.

TL;DR - Docker image takes up ~700Mb on my machine, over 8Gb on a friend's. We'd like to be able to pull one Docker image without resorting to external storage. Is there anything we can do?


I'm working through this same issue now. This happens because vfs is not a true union file system (like aufs), so every incremental image in the image you restore is restored to its full size.

See this issue for more details: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/14040

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