I am running a bash script where I am appending the line count of the arguments, which are files, to another file. It does it correctly, but I keep getting a line that says "total X", X being the sum of all the line counts added together. How do I add an argument to only append the total if the # of arguments is above some number, X? This is what I currently have:

wc -l $@ >> $1
  • count=$(tail -1 $1) ; if [ $count -gt X ] ; then .... ; fi
    – Drav Sloan
    Jan 20 '15 at 19:31

I don't think you can suppress the total in the multi-argument form.

The simplest way I can think of is to stick to the one-argument form, when needed:

if [ "$#" -lt 5 ]
    for f in "$@"; do wc -l -- "$f"; done >>"$1"
    wc -l "$@" >> "$1"

Strip off the last line from the wc output if there are too few lines for you to want a grand total.

word_counts=$(wc -l -- "$@")
if [ "$#" -le 9 ]; then
printf '%s\n' "$word_count" >>"$1"

Note the double quotes in "$@" and around other variable substitutions, without this your script would break on file names containing whitespace (and some other special characters) with absolutely no redeeming benefit. Note also -- in wc -l -- "$@", in case a file name starts with a - (without --, wc would interpret that file name as an option).

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