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I have 1000 files in a single folder and I need to split them into counts of 100 files each. After this, I need to automatically move the 100 files to a new folder which is automatically created.

I use this command for manually moving the files.

for file in $(ls -p | grep -v / | tail -100);
mv "$file" NEWFOLDER;

But, this will be hard enough if I had around 10000 files in a single folder.

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I've found the answer in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10394543/need-a-bash-scripts-to-move-files-to-sub-folders-automatically

c=1; d=1; mkdir -p NEWDIR_${d}
for jpg_file in *.jpg
  if [ $c -eq 100 ]
    d=$(( d + 1 )); c=0; mkdir -p NEWDIR_${d}
  mv "$jpg_file" NEWDIR_${d}/
  c=$(( c + 1 ))

try this code

it works great, I've tested it

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