Where can I find firefox log file on Centos 6?

Unfortunately, firefox doesn't write its log in /var/log/message .

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    Why do you need the logs? Firefox doesn't produce logfiles by default. – Braiam Jan 20 '15 at 1:53

firefox writes to the session log;
on older systems (pre-systemd) that's saved in ~/.xsession-errors so try running:

grep firefox ~/.xsession-errors

on newer, systemd-based setups you can view (as a user) the relevant entries in the journal with:

journalctl -qb /usr/bin/firefox

I guess that by "firefox log" you mean all temporary files created by firefox, so have a look at directory ~/.mozilla/firefox. You may find there subdirectories with cache, "Crash Reports", but also many configuration files (for example profiles.ini).

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