I am using xmonad.hs from https://github.com/escaped/xmonad-config. I dont see that the binding for super-t( flattens window back to tiling layer ) has been changed anywhere but when I use super-t I am not able to tile the floating windows.

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That key binding was not changed, it was never set in the first place.

You can see in main that the keys are redefined to keys = myKeys. If you look at the definition of myKeys, you can see the keys of defaultConfig are never added, the author defined only the key bindings they wished to use.

If you want that key binding, you must add it. keys is a function taking an XConfig and returning the map associating keys and what they do. The author is using the fromList function from the Data.Map module to create the map from a list. You can add your key binding to the list :

myKeys conf@(XConfig {XMonad.modMask = modMask}) = M.fromList $
            -- List elements, separated by commas
           , ((modMask, xK_t), withFocused $ windows . W.sink)
            -- Other list elements ...

Relevant parts of the XMonad documentation :


It's not in the documentation, but mod-shift-t works for flattening tiled windows for default xmonad configuration.

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