Normally I want nano to replace tabs with spaces, so I use set tabstospaces in my .nanorc file. Occasionally I'd like to use nano to make a quick edit to makefiles where I need real tab characters.

Is there any way to dynamically toggle tabstospaces? Most of the other options have keys to toggle them, but I can't find something for this. I've also tried using ^I (which by default is bound to the tab function) to insert a tab, but that honors the tabstospaces setting.

My current workaround is to take set tabstospaces out of my .nanorc file and to add shell aliases instead:

 alias nanotabs="$(which nano)"
 alias nano="$(which nano) --tabstospaces"

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The shortcut that toggles tabstospaces is Shift+Alt+Q (or Meta+Q).
You will see the prompt changing to:

[ Conversion of typed tabs to spaces disabled ]


[ Conversion of typed tabs to spaces enabled ]

Another way (only for nano 1.3.1 or newer):
You can insert a literal tab if you enter Verbatim Input mode with Shift+Alt+V (or Meta+V).
If you then type Tab, nano will insert a literal tab character, irrespective of your .nanorc settings. It will then revert to regular input mode (so you'll have to enter Verbatim Input mode again if you need to type a second literal tab and so on).
You can also add your own Verbatim Input mode shortcut to .nanorc, e.g. Ctrl+T:

bind ^T verbatim main

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