I'M trying to rsync between two dirs using:

rsync -atO --ignore-existing /src

The target dir is mounted via cloudfuse and the source dir is a regular one.

I get an error:

rsync: failed to set times on "/target/somefile": Function not implemented (38) rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1070) [sender=3.0.9]


Apparently cloudfuse doesn't support setting modification times on existing files (the "not implemented" error).

Hence you need to tell rsync not to try it:

rsync -a --no-times --ignore-existing /src

The -t you supplied was implied by -a and needs to be turned off, hence --no-times. Also -0 makes no sense as you're not using *from/filter files.

  • it's a capital O, not zero
    – dimid
    Jan 15 '15 at 14:11
  • also I don't see --no-times in rsync's man page (version 3.0.9)
    – dimid
    Jan 15 '15 at 14:27
  • 1
    OK, however -O becomes obsolete with --no-times; you can find info about --no-times if you look for --no-OPTION in the man page.
    – wurtel
    Jan 15 '15 at 14:35

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