Current situation

I have a 15" 3200x1800 screen, which is referred to as Retina or HiDPI. Using Linux Mint Cinnamon, I already have a desktop that scales nicely - but that's pretty much it. Besides Firefox proprietary setting for HiDPI screens, other applications usually only have fonts scaled, without window layouts taking that into account.


Is it (and how) possible, to have application specific scaling for their windows?

Possible solution

I am no expert on X, multiple displays or tunneling, but: Maybe this is possible through the use of a second xserver running that has this solution applied: Can X11 scale to virtual resoltions on HiDPI/Retina screens the way OS X does? and somehow the resulting windows are being tunneled to the main screen? If that was possible, one could write a wrapper so non hidpi applications do not kill the user's eyes.


The following could provide a temporary solution.


List the applications you wish to scale and the resolution you wish to scale them to. There is a second or so lag when switching applications, but it's the best I've got until developers start accommodating HiDPi screens by default.

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