Is there a Wget command that will allow me to download all jpegs that include the following url:


So all jpegs under that particular url will be downloaded, such as the following:

Regardless of whether the jpegs have different naming conventions.

  • wget -A jpg -r http://www.sample.com/images/imag/
    – Costas
    Jan 13, 2015 at 23:05

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wget -r -A jpg,jpeg http://www.sample.com/images/imag/

This will create the entire directory tree. If you don't want a directory tree, use:

wget -r -A jpg,jpeg -nd http://www.sample.com/images/imag

Alternatively, connect to sample.com (e.g. via ssh) and locate the /images/imag folder ls *.jp* > foo.txt, wget -i -F foo.txt -B http://www.sample.com/images/imag/foo.jpg.


Depends on how you "get" http://www.sample.com/images/imag/ image list.

If it is a page that include the images in a HTML document you could try something like this:

wget -nd -p -A jpg,jpeg -e robots=off http://...


  • -nd : No directories. --no-directories
  • -p : Include images (Page requisites) --page-requisites
  • -A : Comma separated list of file name suffixes or patterns to accept. --accept
  • -e : Execute command as if part of .wgetrc. --execute
    • Here; robots=off

Some servers only delivers compressed HTML, i.e. gzip. Then you have to take some extra measures as wget won't unpack and parse these (AFAIK). A rather quick and painless solution is using Privoxy.

After install make wget use the proxy by:

export http_proxy="http://localhost:8118"

then run command again.

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