People usually know after running man fdisk that they can search with:


(where foo is the string to be searched for). They can also use Up/Down and PgUp/PgDown to scroll up and down. What other hotkeys are supported by man? Is there a list of them?


Press "h" inside a man page for a list of commands you can use.


It's not related to man, it's depends on your pager. You can set your pager like following:

alias man="man -P most"

Now your manual pages will be show with most command as a pager. Now you have to use most command options.

If you are using less pager, following keys are useful:

  g  <  ESC-<       *  Go to first line in file (or line N).
  G  >  ESC->       *  Go to last line in file (or line N).
  F                    Forward forever; like "tail -f".
  h  H                 Display this help.
  F                    Forward forever; like "tail -f".
  /pattern          *  Search forward for (N-th) matching line.
  ?pattern          *  Search backward for (N-th) matching line.
  n                *  Repeat previous search (for N-th occurrence).
  N                *  Repeat previous search in reverse direction.
  &pattern          *  Display only matching lines
  g  <  ESC-<       *  Go to first line in file (or line N).
  G  >  ESC->       *  Go to last line in file (or line N

If you are using most pager, following keys are useful:

  SPACE, D              *Scroll down one Screen.
  U, DELETE             *Scroll Up one screen.
  RETURN, DOWN          *Move Down one line.
  UP                    *Move Up one line.
  T                      Goto Top of File.
  B                      Goto Bottom of file.
  S, f, /               *Search forward
  ?                     *Search Backward
  N                     *Find next in current search direction

NOTE: You can read the man page or --help option of you arbitrary pager or pressing h for help while using pager.

  • Apparently most is not installed by default in every linux (Mint/Ubuntu), less seems more prevalent, it's description includes "As part of the GNU project, it is widely regarded as the standard pager on UNIX-derived systems." – Xen2050 Jan 10 '15 at 21:20
  • @Xen2050, Exactly! I installed it with yum. – Sepahrad Salour Jan 11 '15 at 5:18

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