I am having a weird problem.

I am not able to ssh to docker container having ip address

I am getting following error:

$ ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

My Dockerfile does contain openssh-server installation step:

RUN apt-get -y install curl runit openssh-server

And also step to start ssh:

RUN service ssh start

What could be the issue?

When I enter into container using nsenter and start ssh service then I am able to ssh. But while creating container ssh-server doesn't seems to start.

What should I do?


Container vs. Image

The RUN statement is used to run commands when building the docker image.
With ENTRYPOINT and CMD you can define what to run when you start a container using that image.
See Dockerfile Reference for explanations how to use them.


There is not preinstalled init-system in the containers, so you cannot use service ... start in a container.
Consider starting the process in the CMD statement as foreground process or use an init-system like Phusion or Supervisord.

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