I am using LXDE (Openbox). Every time I need to re-size my window, I have to position my mouse carefully to grab the thin window frame until my mouse cursor changes and I can re-size the window.

I remember seeing in other window managers a "resize corner" in the bottom right corner of the window, which can easily be grabbed to resize the window diagonally.

Does anything like this exist in LXDE (Openbox) ? How can I add it ? Can it be configured in ~/.local/share/themes/theme/openbox-3/themerc ?

  • you should start doing stuff with keyboard, setting up the lubuntu-rc.xml file. there are good instructions out there already.
    – emilBeBri
    Apr 17, 2021 at 6:03

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Yes, something like it currently exists, but it is not the same resize grip in the corner that is used in gtk themes. Something like that would need to be coded into openbox.

Add a Handle In your themerc for the theme you are using, you can set window.handle.width to a number of pixels and handle will appear below the window1. The handle includes diagonal resizing tools in the left and right corners. Unfortunately, this method does take up a bit more real estate than the gtk style corner grip.

For example, in your themerc, this would create a 6 pixel wide handle:

window.handle.width: 6

Specifies the size of the window handle. The window handle is the piece of decorations on the bottom of windows. A value of 0 means that no handle is shown.

To activate changes made to the theme, run openbox --reconfigure.

Change Border Width
You may also change the border.width setting in your themerc to make the window border wider. This increases the area you can drag, but also increases the visual border of the window, so again you are sacrificing screen real estate which sucks.

Drag with Alt + Right-Click
You can position the cursor anywhere over the window, hold the Alt key and hold the right mouse button to resize the nearest window edge. This includes corners. The only downside here is that this requires a two hand operation. You may be able to create a custom key binding that is preferred.

The mouse binding for resizing is in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml or whichever the appropriate rc file is in the ~/.config/openbox/ directory and looks like this:

  <mousebind button="A-Right" action="Drag">
    <action name="Resize"/>

In Openbox themes, edit themerc for your given themes choice, and change the following to something like:

border.width: 10

These are located in /usr/share/themes/THEMENAME/openbox-3/themerc and can be duplicated and configured under .local/share/themes/THEMENAME/openbox-3/themerc as you mention.

The Alt+Right-Click is a handy keyboard/mouse combo to grab any corner or edge without being approximately near it.

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