Is it possible to use terminal vim with xdg-open?

I don't have a GUI text editor because I only use vim through the terminal. (I don't care very much for gvim either.) Is it possible to tell xdg-open to open a terminal, then open vim with the selected file?


  • I'm posting a partial answer so people can complete them later. I haven't understood which types of files you want to open with vim. I'm assuming text/plain only. – thiagowfx Jan 7 '15 at 16:32

In either your .bashrc or .zshrc, depending whether you use bash or zsh respectively, export these two environment variables:

export EDITOR=vim
export VISUAL=vim

Adittionally, you might want to associate vim to the mimetype of text files:

xdg-mime default vim.desktop text/plain

Now you'll have to create a vim.desktop file in /usr/share/applications, which should execute the terminal emulator you want, opening vim.


I have to put a new answer, even if my comment only completes the answer by thiagowfx, because in the comments you cannot indent code.

The content of vim.desktop can be something like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Vim Text Editor
Comment=Edit text files

I prefer to put it under ~/.local/share/applications.

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