I have a text file which contain only 1 line of text


I'm trying to figure out if is there anyway to do a grep and sed to change the value 50 and 30 to the following


which I would reduce 5 from 50 and increase 5 from 30.

Please guide me if there is a better way to solve this problem ? I just started picking up this scripting. Thanks =)


With perl:

perl -i -F: -lape '$F[3]-=5;$F[4]+=5;$_=join ":",@F' the-file

With sh (assuming those numbers are always decimal integers without leading zeros):

IFS=: read -r a b c d e < the-file &&
  printf '%s\n' "$a:$b:$c:$((d-5)):$((e+5))" > the-file

With recent versions of GNU awk:

gawk -i inplace -F: -vOFS=: '{$4-=5;$5+=5}1' the-file
awk -F":" '{OFS=":"; print $1,$2,$3,$4-5,$5+5}' filename


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    This works good. You could also use printf with the format if you do not want to use OFS. – unxnut Jan 7 '15 at 15:57

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