I'm trying mirror a website where it has page:


and contents:


This is what I'm using

wget -m -Dsite.com -e robots=off -r -q -R gif,png,jpg,jpeg,GIF,PNG,JPG,JPEG \
    -t 10 http://www.site.com &

When wget is run, it will create a HTML file with the name news.

I'm unable to download the contents because the file with the name news already exists (I'm running Ubuntu: directories cannot have same name as files)

Below is the message that appeared when running wget without -q

www.site.com/news/36-news: Not a directory
www.site.com/news/36-news/news-one: Not a directory


You might try --no-clobber. However, it seems to me like you'd probably be better suited with something a little more full-featured, such as httrack. Here's the manual for the command line options: http://www.httrack.com/html/fcguide.html

You can prefix all of your directories like this:

httrack "http://www.site.com/news" -O /tmp/site -N "my%p/%n.%t"

So the full command, similar to yours, could be something like:

httrack "http://www.site.com/news" -O /tmp/site -N "my%p/%n.%t" --retries=10 --ext-depth=0 --robots=0 +*.gif +*.png +*.jpg +*.jpeg +*.GIF +*.PNG +*.JPG +*.JPEG

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