I want to make sure I don't corrupt my Subversion repository.

If I need to add a new user to a repostiory, I would add them to the svnserve.conf under /conf for each repository correct?

If this is true, when do I use svnadmin.

Also the README.TXT file also says to use svnadmin, or otherwise there could be complications. This is why I'm paranoid and want to make sure I do no harm.


Assuming that you are not pre-authorizing using ssh, you can tell svnserve which file has the user credentials.

Your svnserve.conf file would contain a password-db entry which points to a file with the user and passwords:

password-db = userpass
realm = yourcomp

And the userpass would have:

larry.user = mypassword
barry.user = hispassword

There is nothing that says that multiple repositories cannot use the same password-db file. Refer to Redbook section on svnserve.conf

Using svnadmin is not necessary.

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