The new Sony Vaio Z series laptop comes with a media dock that has a USB connection (Light Peak) to an external AMD Radeon graphics card. What is the support for devices like this in Linux?

  • I'm curious: have you had any progress since asking this question? I have the same laptop, and everything works, except I can't get external monitors connected to the power media dock and I can't connect the dock to the computer if it's running. – Tikhon Jelvis Dec 12 '11 at 7:41
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    @TikhonJelvis not much going on here, I am thinking the best chances are going to be in this mailing list: lists.launchpad.net/sony-vaio-z-series – 719016 Dec 12 '11 at 11:52
  • @avilella: Thanks to pointing me to the mailing list; it looks to be a useful resource. Do you have a Vaio Z as well? – Tikhon Jelvis Dec 13 '11 at 2:09
  • @TikhonJelvis: I used to have a Sony Vaio SZ and created the mailing list to bring Linux users together to share their expertise. Now I have an Asus U33JC. – 719016 Dec 13 '11 at 9:03
  • @avilella: Since nobody's given a more useful answer than your comment--and your comment is useful--why don't you post it as an answer? – Tikhon Jelvis Dec 18 '11 at 12:49

The best chances are going to be in this mailing list: http://lists.launchpad.net/sony-vaio-z-series

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