I'm using alexkowalski script from Email using shell script

MAILADDR=(mail1@example.com, mail2@example.com, mail3@example.com)
for i in "${MAILADDR[@]}"
         echo "Mail test..." | mail -s "Mail test subject..." $i

My question is how to read MAILADDR array from an external flat file?

And how to insert an external flat file replacing the body of the email as in

echo"/home/user/information-for-any-user.txt"  | mail -s "Mail test subject..." $i ??

If the "external flat file" from which the email addresses are taken from doesn't look too funny (is well formatted), you could use something like that :

mail -s "My subject" $(cat /this/is/the/external/flat/file.txt) < /home/user/information-for-any-user.txt

You can provide multiple address on the mail command.

  1. assume there are no glob chars in the flat file, and the email addresses are separated by any whitespace:

    echo "Mail test..." | mail -s "Mail test subject..." $(< address.file)
  2. read the newline-separated list of addresses into a bash array

    mapfile -t addr < address.file
    echo "Mail test..." | mail -s "Mail test subject..." "${addr[@]}"

Many thanks, combining both answers did the job.

mapfile -t addr < /home/user/address-file #(one email address per line)

echo "$(cat < /home/user/information-for-any-user)" | mail -s "My subject" "${addr[@]}"


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