TL;DR — Is there a way to force certain GEOM encrypted drives to be attached and mounted before other drives are attached in FreeBSD 10.1?

I have a machine running FreeBSD 10.1 with two drives for the root filesystem, and handful for storage.

All partitions (with the exception of boot) are encrypted with GEOM, and then have ZFS layered ontop of that. The root drives use a passphrase, but the drives that comprise the storage pool use a keyfile. The keyfiles are stored on the root partition, making the ability to decrypt the drives dependant on boot order. Currently, this appears to be non-deterministic.

Is there a way to specify the order in which decryption / mounting will happen to force the drives that are part of the root pool to mount (enter password, decrypt drive, setup ZFS, mount) before decryption starts for the drives that are part of the storage pool? Currently, I'm having to mount the storage drives after boot (after we're in user-space) to ensure that they're decrypted / mounted properly, but I'd like them to be mounted during boot if possible.

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