I have a project whereby i have to extract configurations from one linux pc and emulate it on another.

I am focusing on extracting the packages installed during the installation of the fedora. This link: Fedora replicate package helped me to extract the packages installed by the installer during the initial setup. However i have no idea how to get the installers user-id so that i can sort the packages installed initially and packages installed later on by the admin

1 ) How can i get the installers user-id?

2 ) Is there any open source software which can help to extract cofiguration from one linux pc and emulate on another?

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The installer runs as root. It doesn't have a special user id. Fortunately, you don't need it -- this doesn't have anything to do with what you want.

What you do want to do is look in /root on your installed system, for the file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg. The %packages section in this file will tell you what package groups are installed; but even better, if you take this kickstart file and feed it to the installer, it will replicate your initial install -- which sounds like just what you need. See the Fedora documentation on kickstart for more.

If you do want to piece this together from the yum history, the date and time seems like a sufficient way to tell -- after all, the install is the first set of packages installed all in a row, and presumably there's some gap before the any after-the-fact admin-installed packages.

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