Let me explain my question with greater detail: I know FLAC is a lossless audio format with respect to the original file; this is, any piece of audio encoded with FLAC will be preserved completely. But say I got an CD album in MP3 format (which is, of course, lossy) and then decide to re-encode it in FLAC and give this "lossless" version to a friend. How does he/she know that the file received from me is not an exact copy of the CD album but a camouflaged lossy copy? I've read something about it and it seems there is some app for Windows which identifies this fake FLACs but I haven't found anything like that for Linux. So my question is: Is there a way to tell real FLACs from fake ones in Linux?


You want a spectrogram program like spek. http://spek.cc/ If it is mp3 to flac you will see a cutoff around 16-18kHz where the spectrogram gets blocky.

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