I have a dual-boot installation: OpenSuSE 13.2 & Linux Mint 17.1 on Asus k55vd, both 64-bit. I am running a 3.14 kernel on Linux Mint and 3.16 on OpenSuSE.

I had encountered that kernels above 3.14 have problem with function keys. The brightness + and - function keys do not work The rest all are working (sound +/-, sleep, mute, lock touch).

I had this problem on all distributions I tried (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuSE) having kernel 3.14 or above.

So how to resolve this? Do not recommend downgrade my kernel.

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Install xbacklight. Find the code for the brightness keys ctrl-v then press the key combination. The code will echo to terminal.

bind '"brightness_up_code":"xbacklight -inc 10"'
bind '"brightness_down_code":"xbacklight -dec 10"'

Should do it.

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