inside ~/mp3 I've some mp3 files.

My script:

for a in $1*.{wav,mp3} ; 
do ffmpeg -i "$a" -ar 44100 -ab $br "$br""_tmp/${a%.*} ["$br"].mp3" ; 

with $1 add the path:

myscript.sh /home/$USER/mp3/

but I've the error:

/home/$USER/mp3/*.mp3: No such file or directory

so, the script does not run. Runs only when I execute the script inside ~mp3 dir.


Put at the top script :

shopt -s nullglob

that way, if there's no mp3 like in your case (I guess), there will be no error.

When there's no mp3 file matching the wildcard, the shell take *.mp3 literally.

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This happens because there are no .mp3 files in the directory. If you executed this look in a directory without .mp3 and .wav files, you would get 2 errors, one for *.mp3 and a second for *.wav files.

A simple solution to make this work even when .mp3 or .wav are missing, is to add a test if the file exists:

for a in $1*.{wav,mp3}; do
    test -f "$a" || continue
    ffmpeg -i "$a" -ar 44100 -ab $br "$br""_tmp/${a%.*} ["$br"].mp3"

That said, @sputnick's solution with shopt -s nullglob is better than this.

You should also quote $1, and you can simplify the quotes in the ffmpeg line:

for a in "$1"*.{wav,mp3}; do
    test -f "$a" || continue
    ffmpeg -i "$a" -ar 44100 -ab $br "${br}_tmp/${a%.*} [$br].mp3"
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  • janos thanks for your reply. My problem is execution of script: does not run. There're many files in "mp3" dir. – watchmansky Dec 25 '14 at 21:25
  • /home/wms/tmp/./myscript.sh /home/wms/tmp/mp3/ and does not run :-( – watchmansky Dec 25 '14 at 21:32
  • Jason: {a%.*} keep whole path, so ouput path will be: 32k_tmp/home/wms/tmp/mp3/audio1 [32k].mp3: No such file or directory. So I've to remove it. – watchmansky Dec 25 '14 at 21:42

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