It seems that there can only be two split windows allowed in Qtile Window Manage. If I want two applications to be side by side, how to move one from stack-1 to stack-2?

Suppose I have three applications in this split layout:

| Emacs, Chrome | Evince|

How can I put Chrome to the right window view?

| Emacs | Chrome, Evince|


Although I still don't konw how to move window to another stack, I found a new approach when I was using xmonad:

use workspaces.

Move the window you don't want to display currently to another workspace, let it get out of the way. So that you can manage the remaining window well.

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It seems what you want is a binding for lazy.layout.client_to_next(). That will move the current window from the current stack to the next stack.

FYI, you can have more than 2 stacks with the Stack layout - just pass a different value for the stacks argument. For example:

layouts = [

Qtile has many layouts. To have many stacks you can use Monadtall layout or to have more stacks in config (with stack=Num) for simple stack layout.

For commands to more your windows, look at example-config or read documentation.

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