I have a problem that (I think) require a bit of script-magic - not sure what would be best though...

I have one directory with lots pictures in different formats - jpg, gif, png, tiff and svg.

Some (not all!) of the png-and svg-files are in pairs - ie. one png and one svg version of the same image, both with the same filename, except that the suffix differs (eg. figleaf.png and figleaf.svg).

I need a script that will take the file-list (made by ls), and remove the svg-version of all twins, leaving just the png-version. All other files (non twins) - including svg-files without a png-twin - should remain in the list (together with the png-version of the twins). Alternatively, a script that creates a list of all svg-files with a corresponding png-twin.

I think some of twins may have slight difference in between the versions - eg. figleaf.png and FigLeaf.svg - so it would be great if the script could be optionally changed to ignore the case of the letters.


You could do it using bash/ksh :

for i in *.svg; do test -e "${i%.*}.png" && rm "$i"; done

Or, formatted differently :

for i in *.svg; do
    test -e "${i%.*}.png" && rm "$i"

Replace the rm with echo to test before doing the actual deleting.


sputnick just edited a solution very similar to this in his answer, you should take his as he was the first to answer.

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Try doing this using :

(remove the i modifier in the substitution if you want to be case sensitive)

$ perl -e '
    foreach my $file (<*.png>) {
       ($ext_free = $file) =~ s/\.png//i;
       unlink "$ext_free.svg" if -e "$ext_free.svg";
' *.[Pp][Nn][Gg]

To try it before, put a print instead of unlink.

or using :

shopt -s nocaseglob # case insensitive
# use 'shopt -u nocaseglob' for case sensitive
for file in *.png; do
    [[ -e ${file%.png}.svg ]] && rm -f "${file%.png}.svg"

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