Is there a video player for Linux that shows the milliseconds of time elapsed?

There's an extension for VLC, but according to comments at the link it doesn't work with newer versions.

  • You could try avidemux (with gtk or qt interface). – don_crissti Dec 18 '14 at 0:56

There is a VLC extension known as the time extension, it only works on VLC v2.0.x. You can check the tutorial here http://www.latestsolution.com/2016/06/Show-VLC-Timing-In-Millisecond.html



In status bar:

Options -> Statusbar

  • Show the current time with milliseconds

OSD (on screen display):

View -> OSD

  • Show times with milliseconds
  • Volume + Seek + Timer

For OSD it can need to install mpv. Activate mpv in SMPlayer here:
Options - Preferences - General - Multimedia engine - mpv


Run mplayer in a terminal using mplayer -osd-fractions 1 yourfile

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