I want to start a process that does nothing but is still running. Say I start a process called sadhadxk, and when I run pgrep -x "sadhadxk" I will get the PID number back, like any normal process works.

So is there any way to start a dummy process?

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You could do:

perl -MPOSIX -e '$0="sadhadxk"; pause' &

It should set both the process name and argv[0] on systems where it's supported so should show sadhadxk in both ps and ps -f output, so should be matched by both pgrep -x and pgrep -fx.

> bash -c 'exec -a sadhadxk sleep 1000000' &

pgrep doesn't work but

> ps | grep '[s]adhadxk'
18931  [...] sadhadxk 1000000

Correction: pgrep does work but not against the command name (which is the name of the running binary), only against the command line:

> pgrep -f sadhadxk

Try doing this :

sleep 600 &

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