On RHEL 6.5 how to make my own hostname locally resolvable, if my ip address is dynamic and not registered in DNS?

I know, it's possible to add dhcp hook scripts. Is there a similar way to hook the network initscript, so this works with static config too?

  • Do you need to use your network IP? What about the loopback address ( – John WH Smith Dec 16 '14 at 16:05

There's a standard custom script /sbin/ifup-local. It is called for each adapter. My script obtains the ip and hostnames and adds them to /etc/hosts

# /sbin/ifup-local
set -e

fn_get_ip() {
ip addr show dev "$1" | sed "s,.* inet \([^/]*\)/.*,\1,;t;d"

fn_aaa() {
ip=`fn_get_ip "$1"`
hostnames=`hostname | sed "s,\([^.]*\)\..*,\1 &,"`

hint='# added by ifup-local'
sed -i "/$hint/d" /etc/hosts
echo "$ip $hostnames $hint" >>/etc/hosts

case $1 in
fn_aaa "$1"

You can use avahi daemon to bind your IP address to some resolvable host name (e.g. linux.local) each time when your IP is changed by DHCP.

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