Installed dropbox on scientific linux (command line only) several months ago and it has been working fine. I installed it for one user, and I control it using the CLI dropbox.py.

Recently I restarted it, and now all commands give the 'Dropbox isn't running!' error. 'dropbox start' gives the error:

Dropbox isn't running!
Dropbox is already running!

ps -ef |grep dropbox confirms that there is a process called dropbox in the .dropbox-dist folder running

I am running version 3.0.3 of dropbox

fiddling with the dropbox.py script tells me that the line that is causing the problems is


I can't seem to read the command_socket file and ls -l says that its size is 0

  • Try renaming or moving ~/.dropbox somewhere else – kirill-a Dec 16 '14 at 12:05

Check the post by avatar in



rm ~/.dropbox-dist/dropbox-lnx.x86*/libxml2.so.2
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