I am a using dd-wrt router and trying to get some per-user metrics, I was wondering about filtering only ESTABLISHED connections or include NEW and RELATED, I have read a lot about this last two, but I am still not sure about considering it part of used bandwidth...

Well, first check the following script: http://pastebin.com/TERtu4hT

Let us say I am not excluding any state, I want to get all of them, what happened is:

  1. We have UPnP activated;
  2. Skype uses UPnP;
  3. This machine opened TCP and UDP ports for Skype over UPnP;
  4. The machine is now offline;
  5. There is still requests from remote users to connect to this machine over UDP port;
  6. Sometimes I receive NEW state connections, which conntrack says is UNREPLIED, but iptabless still consider its bandwidth;
  7. All other states: ESTABLISHED, RELATED, INVALID and UNTRACKED, remains zero or unchanged;

The result could be seen here: http://pastebin.com/0vS0jLwv

What should I do? Considering only ESTABLISHED connections would solve, but is it the correct metrics? Or there is any way to iptables ignore UNREPLIED packages?

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