I would like to know what --target parameter was grub installed with.

If I re-install Grub (booting from rescue disk and chrooting to original root) it will choose a target platform automatically, based on the way the current environment was booted. Meaning:

  • Debian installer (in rescue mode) has UEFI, and if I boot it in UEFI mode it will install UEFI loader.
  • Ubuntu live CD does not have an UEFI loader, it will be booted in standard BIOS mode, and it will try to install an MBR-based loader.

I am trying to restore my system in the way it was. What config file can I parse to get the right value for --target without any guesswork?

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There is a directory under /boot/grub (besides fonts and locale). The name of this directory matches the platform in use.

This directory contains mostly files with .mod extension and a few with .lst.

The same directory (contents may differ slightly) exists in grub's lib path (on Debian this is /usr/lib/grub).

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