I'm trying to use the od command in a directory in OSX but it doesn't proceed and it results in the error message:

od: .: Is a directory

Could you please help me with it or any equivalent command?


As @G-Man commented, you [ can't read directories as file When did directories stop being readable as files?;

Instead, to find i-node numbers, you could use

➜  stat -x .
  File: "."
  Size: 1632         FileType: Directory
  Mode: (0755/drwxr-xr-x)         Uid: (  501/  barisa)  Gid: (   20/   staff)
Device: 1,2   Inode: 5431597    Links: 48
Access: Sun Dec 14 15:17:23 2014
Modify: Sun Dec 14 14:16:25 2014
Change: Sun Dec 14 14:16:25 2014

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