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I have a large file in my unix box with 2 Gb. The files contains the xml lines. I want to split the files into say 10 files say each file is now of 204 MB ( approx ) so that combining the 10 files should give me back the original file which is of 2Gb. Note that the content should be reproducible when I merge the 10 files with the original file.

How one should do this in unix?

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There is a split command:

~$ split --help
Usage: split [OPTION]... [INPUT [PREFIX]]
Output fixed-size pieces of INPUT to PREFIXaa, PREFIXab, ...; default
size is 1000 lines, and default PREFIX is `x'.  With no INPUT, or when INPUT
is -, read standard input.
-n, --number=CHUNKS     generate CHUNKS output files.
CHUNKS may be:
N       split into N files based on size of input
K/N     output Kth of N to stdout
l/N     split into N files without splitting lines
l/K/N   output Kth of N to stdout without splitting lines
r/N     like `l' but use round robin distribution
r/K/N   likewise but only output Kth of N to stdout

So you only have to do

~$ split -n10 -d myfile mySubFile_

That create 10 files with numerical suffixes (-d option) with suffixe mySubFile_

~$ ls -1t

that you can recombine with

cat mySubFile_* > myfile

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