I want to run two scripts at the same time. How exactly do I do this?

If I have a variable called foo in script1 and change its value to 5, and if I'm using a variable with the same name in script2 (that runs simultaneously with script1), will the value of variable foo in script2 also become 5?


You could run the first script in background like this:

skript1 & skript2

Each script will run as a separate process. You cannot change variables in the other script.


You can also open up two separate screen sessions to run both scripts. For example:

screen -S sampleOne

At that point you would hold CTRL+A&D, which will exit the screen without terminating and then type:

screen -S sampleTwo

One other way would be to use tmux to do this as well:

tmux new-window -a -n SampleWindows
tmux new-session -d -s SampleWindows -n SSH0 -d
tmux selectp -t SampleWindows
tmux bind-key -n M-Left previous-window -t SampleWindows
tmux bind-key -n M-Right next-window -t SampleWindows
tmux new-window -n sampleOne -t SampleWindows
tmux new-window -n sampleTwo -t SampleWindows
tmux send-keys -t SampleWindows:0 './sampleScript' C-m
tmux send-keys -t SampleWindows:1 './sampleScript2.sh' C-m
tmux attach -t WinSplit

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