I am trying to sort out powersaving for OpenSUSE 13.2 running on a laptop.

I found this guide:


for understanding Powersaving on OpenSUSE. However, it appears to not have been changed since 2011, so I feel the information there might be a little out of date.

Now, in that guide they mention pm-utils are being used for powersaving, and that the scripts live in "/usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d" However, on my installation, this directory does not exist. There is a "/etc/pm/power.d" but this directory contains nothing. pm-powersave is installed, and I can invoke it with

sudo pm-powersave true

but without any files in the correct folder (which one should the files go in), does this command actually do anything?

I also noted that the guide referenced using laptop-mode-tools, which is available in the standard repos; however, according to



for Ubuntu, which uses the pm-powersave scripts, laptop-mode-tools is redundant. Does this apply to OpenSUSE, and if so, where are the configuration files for pm-powersave?

--------- EDIT ----------- I found


which suggests pm-utils is not used.

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