I am having trouble getting Fedora 15 running on my MacBook Pro. I had Fedora 15 installed before on this MBP before, so I know it works. I basically followed the good old instructions of

  1. Create a Windows partition in bootcamp (rEFIt was already installed from trying to get ubuntu running)
  2. Boot from disk and install in Windows partition with bootloader on installed on the / partition
  3. Install, reboot, and resync the MBR using rEFIt partitioning tool
  4. Shut down the computer and start up on the parition you installed linux on

Now I get a grub error:

error file not found
grub rescue>

Another weird thing is that I have two Linux boot instances showing up in rEFIt, but that is just a rEFIt issue.

Any recommendation on what do to?


It seems like the error message is GRUB 2 error message and so that seems to lurking around somewhere, problem has been there since I formatted the drives. Any ideas?

  • It seems like GRUB2 is living on sda1 and fedora on sda3, so it looks there first. Any recommendation on how to get it off? Jul 25, 2011 at 3:56

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When using rEFIt, make sure you select the right partition where Fedora installed. You also need to confirm a few items (I'm assuming a non-gpt partition table):

  1. Have you set root='hd0,X' inside the menuentry option of grub2.cfg. where X is the serial number of the partition mounted at /boot?
  2. Have you updated the kernel line in grub2.cfg to point to the correct /boot partition? You my choose to use the disk UUID like so:


These steps require editing the grub2.cfg which is dangerous. I would suggest booting your MacBook using a USB key with any linux installed, then use grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2.cfg to generate a new grub.cfg for you as reference.

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