This is my script

cd /opt/product/vinoth
-- some operations --
cd -

While executing this command cd - the old path get displayed in the console.

is there is any way to block this from displaying in console.

The same can be avoided in make files by using @ infront of the command.

By surfing i understood that this can be achieved using cmd=$(cd -)

The command was not executing and path was not changed.


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Use OLDPWD instead:

/ $ cd /tmp
/tmp $ echo $OLDPWD
/tmp $ cd "$OLDPWD"
/ $

From man bash:

   OLDPWD The previous working directory as set by the cd command.
   An argument of - is converted to $OLDPWD before the directory 
   change is attempted.

$(cd -) is run in a subshell, so it cannot affect the current shell.

You can also do:

cd - >/dev/null

As explained in this answer, a short variant to not display the directory when cd to the previous working directory is using the tilde expansion ~-:

cd ~-

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