A friend gave me an old Dell to fix for her daughter. So I put Lubuntu on it. I had a disk with Lubuntu on it that came with one of my magazines, so I installed it. This machine won't boot from USB and has no DVD drive.

So I installed. It seemed to install automatically without any guidance. After about an hour or so a login box appeared. I can only assume it's installed.

What is the default username and password? I didn't have to set one, yet it's asking me for one. I've looked online and couldn't find anything.

  • What magazine did it come with? Often times the distros included w/ the magazines are customized. – slm Dec 3 '14 at 3:00

I believe these are the defaults:

  • username: lubuntu
  • password: blank (no password)

That's literally nothing, for the password.

Linux Format magazine

If you're using the compilation CD/DVD that comes with this magazine the username should be "ubuntu" with again a blank password.


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Try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery#Lost_Password

To find the partition on which [L]ubuntu is installed, refer to the Finding your root partition section of the article.

This requires you to still have the installation USB available. Where it says to use the passwd command use passwd <username> followed by the enter key and type the preferred password twice to make sure password is verified. Sample output of passwd command:

root@hostname ~:# passwd <username> # and press <return>
Enter new UNIX password:    # Enter new password and press <return>
Retype new UNIX password:   # Re-enter password <return>

Then reboot your system.

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