I need a shell (ksh) script that can be executed locally on a box that will return a list of users who have sudo access to a server and what commands they can run.

For example I want to know that user “mfly” can run /etc/init.d/mysqld.

I'm trying to make this as system agnostic as possible as I'm working with everything from Solaris 9 to HP/UX as well as Debian based systems. If I can get a lead into the right direction on what system, I'm sure I can make it portable though.


When a user invokes sudo -l it lists what sudo will allow them to do, so you could have a script ran as root that bumps through /etc/passwd and sudo's to each user, invoke the sudo -l, directing the output to /tmp/${USER}_sudo_i_can_do.txt

But if you don't have root access, you won't be able to do what you want to do; the list of permissions is readable only by root. And a user can see only their own permissions.

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