I want to upload a file from a Unix Server to a network mapped drive using Putty. Now the Network Mapped drive (in Windows) holds an address something like \......... and is named MyDrive I have been trying the following without any success

ftp <<Network Drive Address>>

but it says invalid address

user $USER $PASS
and then put ...

I have also tried something like scp

scp <<filename>> username@hostname<<address>>

But apparently it also does not do anything.

Is this the way should I do it ? Or am I missing something important down here ? Please explain. Any help is much appreciated.

  • You should use WinSCP (which runs on top of putty) for that. Dec 1, 2014 at 7:10

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Use PSFTP, which is part of the PUTTY installation (PSFTP.EXE at the same folder).

You just enter sftp <your_machine_ip> and then use standard FTP commands to copy/paste files between hosts (put <local_file> to upload, get <remote_file> to download, etc.).

But if you want to connect to a shared drive, you probably need to use samba client like this:

smbclient //computer_name/share_name -U <your_windows_user>


Use FileZilla

  • Set the local site to be your network mapped drive
  • Set the remote site to be the Un*x folder
  • Drag the file from the remote site pane to the local site pane

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