I am working on a script to delete users from text file. However, before deleting, I want to check if any process by a user is running and if running then kill all the processes and delete. Here's how I'm doing this:

   #user doesn't exists then print user not exist
pids = `ps U "$name" -o pid | head -n -1` 
    if [ -n "$pids" ]
    for pid in $pids
        sudo kill -KILL $pid

     sudo userdel

 $name -r -f    

       echo "The user - $name - has been deleted!"
    done < "$fname"                         # double-quote fname

So, basically its a loop to delete users and in that an if statement to make sure no process is being run by a user and if its being run then force close processes and delete user.

However, Its not working and it says pids: command not found.. Any solution, how to fix it?

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You have the following code:

pids = `ps U "$name" -o pid | head -n -1`

bash is picky about whitespace, here. Simply remove the spaces from pids = ... and it will work as intended:

pids=`ps U "$name" -o pid | head -n -1`
  • Thank you!! Programming gets really annoying sometimes, when you make a mistake like that.. Thanks for saving my life :D
    – Umair
    Dec 4, 2014 at 23:58

Few things:

1) You cannot have a space around the = in shell script variable assignment. pids = ... should be pids=....
2) kill can accept multiple PIDs. You don't need a for pid in $pids ... loop. (though with the next item, this is irrelevant)
3) Your code can be drastically simplified by doing:

pkill -KILL -U "$name"

There is no need to check if the user has any processes running. If there aren't any, the command does nothing.

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