If I have something that looks like this:

hello {sdsdsdsds} pattern {askjdasjkdjasd} hello {siadsd} pattern {iuewer} 

So if pattern if matched before {*}, I need to add a ;. Output:

hello {sdsdsdsds} pattern {askjdasjkdjasd}; hello {siadsd} pattern {iuewer};

And this is just one lines, yes.

Now, I though of something like this:


But I can't quite figure out how to make sed remember the contents of .*.

Then theres this,

'/pattern\ {.*}/ s/$/;/'

But this won't work since it is only one line.


If I correctly understood your question you are looking for

sed 's/\(pattern {[^}]*}\)/\1;/g'

where \1 replaces everything what matched inside \(...\).

The output:

hello {sdsdsdsds} pattern {askjdasjkdjasd}; hello {siadsd} pattern {iuewer};
  • To be more short strip { : sed 's/pattern[^}]*}/&;/g' – Costas Nov 28 '14 at 22:53

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