Is there a straight way to setup the old "default" color theme (the one from 13.1) in 13.2 ?

The "default" color theme has changed. The problem is that i've started a wiki using some ksnap-shots of a software under 13.1, now I'm under 13.2, i don't have my 13.1 setup anymore and i'd like to keep the ksnap-shots look homogeneous.


Go to KDE System Settings > Application Appearence > Colours, on the Scheme tab select openSUSE and click in Save Scheme and give a new name, such as "openSUSE-Green". Now select "openSUSE-Green" on the list and click on the tab Colours, there you need to change the colour of the following items, put the according colour in the HTML code area, so just copy and past it in yours and click ok:

Window Background #D5D1CF

Button Background #CFCCC9

Selection Background #83AF77

Selection Inactive Text #B5EFAC

Focus Decoration #5D992D

Hover Decoration #6F9926

Tooltip Background #1C2122

Active Titlebar #83AF77

Active Titlebar Secondary #83AF77

Innactive Titlebar #D5D1CF

Innactive Titlebar Secondary #D5D1CF

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