I have a virtual machine that I am cloning with the command line interface to virtualbox like so:

vboxmanage clonevm origVM --name origClone

However, the clone is added to the directory ~/Virtualbox\ Vms but not 'imported' into the list of virtual machines accessible by Virtualbox. By this I mean that it is not present in vboxmanage list vms or in the graphical frontend.

Moreover, I have looked into import functionality, but this appears to be exclusive to bundled virtual machines of the filetypes {ovf,ova}.

My general goal is to copy a virtual machine from a template vm.ovf which has already been imported to be used in a multiuser environment. For instance, user1 has vm1 cloned from vm.ovf and user2 has vm2 cloned from vm.ovf and they can both work on their own vm "branches."

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Did it.

$ vboxmanage registervm ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/origClone/origClone.vbox

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