Suppose I have two video files A and B.

Now I want to convert A to the same format (i.e. same container, same audio and video codec), same bitrate, size etc. as B.

Is there a way to do this automatically (i.e. without extracting the information manually and giving it manually as input parameters) using a command line tool (or even a GUI tool)?


I think if you parse ffmpeg output you could achieve this in part, but beware the labyrinthe documentation on how to encode for best results. It's a little tricky.

Perhaps an alternate approach is to find a common standard whose parameters can be set one, and leave your transcoder job running on all A, B, etc.

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No It is not possible to have all the parameters same as B. We need to compromise or adjust some attribute of the Video A, so that the other attribute of the video A matches with the video B.

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