In the past I used Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool with Nautilus.

Can that be used with Nemo File manager (a fork of Nautilus originally)?

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    Nov 26, 2014 at 17:43

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The answer came to the older once closed question now reopened.

Summing up what I have learned from the main answer:

  1. Nemo or Nautilus actions are similar in content and purpose (namely, adding menu items) but vary with respect to the extension name. (In nautilus, newly created actions and menus will be stored on the disk as .desktop files, In nemo as nemo_action files.) They invoke certain commands including scripts (which are in this sense called nautilus or nemo scripts). Therefore, nautilus scripts can be used if invoked by nemo_action files, as they were nautilus actions, while the latter can be adapted for the purpose to fit Nemo.
  2. The nautilus-actions tool, a graphical editor for nautilus actions, will therefore not work with nemo because it looks for .desktop files, not .nemo_action files.

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